Daily Archives: March 15, 2016

Kentucky Blue Gifts

Kentucky Blue Gifts – Mugs, clocks, scarfs, shoes, greeting cards, badge holders, keychains, koozies, coasters, magnets, buttons, watches, giftbags, pillows, hats, necklaces, and gift bags! http://bit.ly/kentuckybluegifts


Kentucky Blue Badge Holder

If you are looking for an original Kentucky Badge Holder, this is for you. Are you a Kentucky basketball fan? Or just love Kentucky? Under 10 bucks. http://bit.ly/kentuckybluebadgeholder


Sandy Beaches Gifts Zazzle.com

Great beach bag or for anytime. Sandy Beaches!! now for purchase on zazzle.com. Comes in Poppy, White, Black, Indigo, or Camelot. Bag is a very high quality Baggu.com bag. http://bit.ly/sandybeachesgifts


Old-Skool 90’s Hip-Hop Shoes

These fun pair of sneakers are now ready for purchase on zazzle.com. Old-Skool 90’s Hip-Hop for the music lover in you! http://bit.ly/oldskool90shiphopshoe


Kentucky Blue Drinking Glasses

Original creative ink art by Rachel Maynard. The Kentucky Blue Drinking Glass. http://bit.ly/kentuckyblueglass